Are you still expecting greater in 2016?

Are you still believing God for what was promised to you in 2016? Have you given up, or are you self sabotaging His promise?  Are you trying to cut corners to hurry up His plans? With any great move of God, there is always a great task of faith. Faith involves a great tenacity to continue to push forward even if you don’t see the final result. Our second oldest daughter is 9 years old and her goal this year is to make the gymnastics team. When she is at home reading or watching TV, I have her to stretch and exercise. The point is that even when you aren’t at the official practice, you are still making preparations behind the scenes in preparing your mind and body for the end goal.

In adults, this could be reading God’s word, getting your finances in order, getting your body in shape to be healthy, etc.. All of this preparation is behind the scenes when no one is watching. When our daughter has her official gymnastics practice once a week in front of the coaches, she has already prepared, is confident, and is a little more flexible due to her work behind the scenes. Little does she know that the Team Coaches are watching her and making a list of those that will be on the team in April. All I tell her to do is to do her best and represent God and the Hardman name well. God will do the rest if you prepare and make yourself available for Him. So I ask you, Have you given up already for 2016 or  are you continuing to push through and work towards what God has already promised?