"She opens her mouth with wisdom, And her tongue is the law of kindness" Prov. 31:26


Lady Ebonie’s first ministry is her marriage. As a Pastor’s wife, she undergirds her husband in ministry. Being a Pastor’s wife is a unique calling. Standing beside her husband in ministry, navigating congregational expectations, all while applying the gospel to her own life can make being a Pastor’s wife both a blessing and a challenge. Lady Ebonie uses her gifts and talents to partner with her husband in key areas of ministry, which makes her a remarkable woman of faith and strength. Their leadership continues to bring increase to their Second Mount Vernon Baptist Church family and Atlanta community.


Being a mother of four beautiful girls is one of the most rewarding experiences Lady Ebonie has. Mothers are responsible for protecting our children and developing them to be able to walk into their divine purpose in life. The decisions made as mothers affect our children inside and outside of our home, shaping their self image, outlook on life, and future aspirations. Lady Ebonie Loves to Blog to encourage mothers during their various journeys of motherhood. She invites you to read her blog and signup for her monthly newsletter to receive ongoing insight regarding the joy and challenges of motherhood.


Lady Ebonie Hardman brings life-changing messages to her audiences. Whether sharing riveting stories about her marriage, or the trials, triumphs, frustrations, and successes of life as a woman, Pastor’s wife, and the raising of four daughters. Her echoing of God’s word and eloquent projection of how it can be applied to daily living empowers both men and women to live according to God’s word. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who challenges many women each year at conferences, retreats, workshops, and conventions both large and small.


Empowering Women is Lady Ebonie’s ministry. Her book, “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” is a transparent inspirational story of how she and Pastor Hardman met and married just two months later in 2004. This book has inspired singles, married, and the divorced. In addition to their story, at the end of every chapter there are thought provoking questions that help the reader to examine their relationship with God in order to propel them to their destiny. Walk with them through their journey and see how God brought them together when they decided to trust Him!

Beauty Comes From Within

"Who can find a Virtuous Woman? For her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31: 10

It's no secret that the pressures of society and expectations surrounding the concept of beauty have created a narrowly defined and unrealistic expectation of what it means to be beautiful. While the definition of beauty may change as often as the wind blows, what stays the same is that women have been left to believe that they do not meet these necessary standards of beauty. This makes them believe that they are not beautiful, they are weak, unimportant, insignificant, unworthy, or ashamed.

If the standard and ideals of beauty remain unchanged, these definitions of beauty, which is tied to our self esteem will continue for future generations. Our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and sisters will grow up to believe that they too are not beautiful. What better way to change the future than to start redefining beauty now! Beauty comes from within. Your beauty is your BOLDNESS to STAND for what is right, God's Truth and God's Word!


"Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates" Proverbs 31:31